J.R.M. Moran
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Christian and the Cloaked Assassin©
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Christian learns the troubling relationship his parents had with his grandfather, but decides to continue assisting his grandfather with his health issue. However, once Christian realizes his grandfather has jeopardized his life in the process, he breaks ties with his grandfather after donating his last pint of blood. When the Conservatives try to break the blockade of Eastey and the Liberals attack the shipment, the two sides declare war. As a result, the liberal WCA has control of the eastern part of the U.S. and the conservative CAW the west with the middle of the country, which includes Bishop, kept as a neutral. Mr. Brown is put into The Deep Sleep because of his lead in attacking the WCA labor camp, leaving Christian with no fatherly guidance and protection. An assassin makes three attempts on Christian’s life, so they send him away and under the protection of Tatu and the Sasquatch until the threat dies down. While away, Christian learns allot about the Sasquatch and himself, which allows him to finally tap into his powers fully.