J.R.M. Moran
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Christian and the Dragons Origins©
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Christian spends the summer with Gwen, during which they kiss. They both felt it was weird, when Christian then realizes he actually loves Penny. Christian’s and Penny’s relationship grows, as does the gap between the two political parties of the WCA. When the Liberals pull another slight-of-hand and have their candidate selected into another of the top four positions in the WCA government, the Conservative Party separates from the WCA and declares themselves the Confederation of American Witches (CAW). As the first strike of the separation, Mr. Brown leads a raid on the Liberal labor camp, freeing all the magical beings and creatures. As a response, the liberally run WCA invades and occupies the eastern of the three schools of witchcraft in the U.S., Eastey, almost capturing everyone who had come there for the annual Tri-School Competition. However, while this relationship diverges beyond recovery, and to some extent because of it, Christian and his mother reunite.