J.R.M. Moran
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Christian and the Liars Den©
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Mr. Howard, head of the Howard Corporation, finds out that Christian is his grandson from his son, Daniel. Daniel, a non-magical, married a witch, Bellamy Castleman. Years earlier, Daniel had been killed magically and many believed Bellamy either killed Daniel or was killed as well, as she or her body disappeared at the same time as Daniel’s murder. As Christian gets to know his grandfather, it creates a rift between him and Katy who does not like or trust Mr. Howard. Mr. Brown becomes headmaster and Mr. Jordan Thomas, a WCA Liberal, is named Assistant Headmaster. Christian is unwittingly chosen by Mr. Davis to represent Bishop in a competition, designed to either humiliate, injure, or kill Christian in the process; however, Christian wins the competition. Christian, Penny, and Gwen open the wall at the end of the secret passageway under the school, which leads to an apparently empty room, much to their disappointment. At the end, Mr. Howard confronts Katy, as he plans to take legal custody of Christian. The result of the encounter forces Christian to run away.