J.R.M. Moran
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Christian and the Treasure of Blood©
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Christian gets to know his friends and their families better, when he visits their homes and when all of their parents come to visit the school. The visit to Bishop and the witching world leaves Katy, Christian’s mother, a little anxious. The witching society, known as the Witches Council of America (WCA), holds a hearing and clears Mr. Robert E. J. Davis, Bishop’s headmaster, of any wrong doing associated with the information that Christian, Penny, and Gwen discovered five months earlier. In fact, the Liberals select Mr. Davis as their choice to run for WCA President in the coming spring and the Conservatives select Mr. Brown to run against him. Under questionable circumstances, Mr. Davis is voted in as WCA President. During Christmas, which Christian and Gwen spend with Penny at her home, the three children plan and implement a way to infiltrate the headquarters of the Howard Corporation, the largest computer products manufacturer in the world. They believe the treasures of the beings held at the labor camp, which they discovered several months earlier, will be found somewhere within that building. They are captured, but escape; during which Christian and his two friends get a taste of what type of magical power Christian has, when it works properly. Christian finds a hidden passage under the school, but it comes to a dead end. What will it reveal?